Photography Magazines:
There is a very good range of photography magazines in the market. Here is a shortlist of these publications, very interesting for everyone who aims to pursue this activity:

Photographic Communities:
generally, these sites have a very good quality of photo galleries whose content is added by each member individually...

500px [en]
1000 Images [pt/en]
Behance Network [en]
Canal Fotografia [pt]
deviantART [en]
Flickr [en]
FotoDependente [pt]
FotografiaOnline [pt]
FotoLog [fr]
FotoLogue [jp]
Mestres de Obra[pt]
Olhares [pt]
OnExposure.1X [en]
PBase.com [en]
Photo.net [en]
PhotoAnswers [en]
Photo-B.net [es]
PhotoBlog.com [es]
PhotoForum [ru]
PhotoPoints.com [en]
PhotoSig.com [en]
PodiumFoto [pt]
Reflexos [pt]
Trek Earth [en]
zPhoto [fr]

Portfolios Hosts:
interesting sites to show your portfolios in a easy and practical way...

View Book

Photo Print Sites:
these spaces available to a number of interesting products for the binding and/or printing your photos...

Album Digital
Dream Books
Foto Fnac
My PhotoBook
Photo Box
Smile Books

Images Stocks:
in these spaces you can sell or buy photos...
  123RF [en]
Alamy [en]
AlbumO/ [en]
BigStockPhoto [en]
can StockPhoto [en]
CreStock.com [en]
DreamsTime [en] [pt]
FeaturePics [en]
For-Arte [pt] [en] [fr]
FotoLia [en]
FotoMind [en]
Image Vortex [en]
iStockPhoto [en]
MicroStockPhoto [en]
MostPhotos [en]
PhotographersDirect [en]
StockRiot [en]
StockXpert [en] [pt]
ShutterStock [en]
ThePhotoStorage [en]
TheStockSolution [en]
UKstockimages [en]
YayMicro [en]
Zymmetrical [en]

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