My first enthusiasm about the world of photography started a few years ago, around the year of 2003, through the website 1000 imagens. At that time I was still living in my country, Portugal, and I remember to be amazed with all those quality pictures shown in that website and started to think how great it would be to be able to capture images at that level. It passed long time and I was already living in the UK, when I decided to buy my first SLR camera. I bought a Canon 450D in July 2008 and finally started to practice to photograph. In that year I created the Portuguese version of this blog, not only to expose my pictures but as well to share with others the works of photographers that amazed me. This blog was discontinued later on due to some technical issues and I confess my enthusiasm cooled down a bit due to some issues in my life. In the Spring of 2011 I've found very interesting tips about photography and it improved again my interest in this field. Recently I acquired a Canon 70D, a few more lenses and some filters. I've been testing myself and this equipment in order to improve for a further step. In some way I feel myself as a photography amateur in its strongest meaning as this is an activity I really enjoy to do.

Apart from this blog, you could find my photos in Olhares and Flickr.

I have other blogs (in Portuguese language): Maravilhoso Mundo it's a compilation of science and geography subjects, Momentos de Partilha is a place where I shared some stories that touched me and, more recently Pioneiros, a trip in time focusing in the lives of all the ones who became in some way pioneers in this world. Currently I'm preparing the english version of Pioneers blog, hope could publish it soon :)

Unfortunately days have only 24 hours and our lives are busier than just leisure times, each of these activities should stay in a queue according to our own priorities. Please feel free to contact me through my facebook account, Google+ or by email (pedroferrer@hotmail.com).

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Pedro Ferreira

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